Life on the Island


To keep a low ecological footprint on our eco island, we have opted to build only the dive centre and social area, from sustainable Msasa wood, sourced from Mozambique’s only FSC-certified company. Our lodgings are exceptionally comfortable, en-suite, tented accommodation. Located within the natural clearings of our island’s tree-lined thicket, the wonderful thing about this ‘glamping’ type of stay, is that you are truly immersed in nature. Guests have all the modern conveniences of electricity, running water, furniture, and plush bedding, while deepening their engagement with the surrounding environment. Although WiFi is available, we recommend unplugging and savouring the restoring escape.


Firepits are synonymous with unity and our boma provides a welcoming social area. We have a bar and lounge area, offering a unique and relaxed space for guests to unwind. Our head chef, Hannibal, delights our guests with his delicious and eco-conscious dishes. He recently underwent training with renowned chef, Francois Ferreira, of the Francois Ferreira Academy, and loves showcasing his newfound techniques.

Low impact

We have ensured that the existing forest, flora and fauna are safeguarded and that Ilha do Fogo’s natural topography is preserved. Ground vegetation has been protected through the use of ‘floating’ foundations.

The island is run solely through our 120KW solar plant, providing our guests with a clean, renewable energy source. We have also created an environmentally-friendly decentralised wastewater treatment system, which uses very little energy, while protecting the land and ocean.

Marine Life

Ilha do Fogo boasts 150kms of unexplored coral reefs, with over 450 species of corals that we know of. Located in the Primeiras e Segundas Environmental Protection Area (PSEPA), it is considered a crucial marine biodiversity area, with abundant and diverse hard and soft coral communities, mangroves and seagrasses.

There are throngs of colourful fishlife over the reefs and countless invertebrates. Although we haven’t yet explored the area for megafauna, we are perfectly placed in the migratory route of humpback whales, manta rays, and whale sharks.

The encircling coastline and beach are a haven for pink ghost crabs and Sally lightfoot crabs can be seen running around the rocky outcroppings. These charismatic critters are delightful to watch.

Our island exhibits seagrasses on its North side. We have yet to explore the area thoroughly and are confident will reveal the presence of pipefishes and seahorses.

The purpose of our conservation projects has mainly been for the preservation of turtles. On Ilha do Fogo, we are often blessed with the presence of green and hawksbill turtles around our reefs, which also come onto our beaches to nest. It is important that Ilha do Fogo will continuously provide a safe haven for these endangered animals and their hatchlings, and our top priority will be to minimise the impact on their environment.

Terrestrial Life

There are numerous bird and butterfly species on the Ilha do Fogo, and a few other small critters, such as lizards. There are no snakes or dangerous creatures. Entomology enthusiasts would have a field day with the many unidentified species on the island.

To see some of the marine and terrestrial species spotted during a quick trip to the island in March with the South African research team, Sea Search, you can check the list on iNaturalist